Punishment Wrestling Academy



"More enduringly than any other sport, wrestling  teaches self-control and pride. Some have wrestled without great skill-none have wrestled with out pride."

-Dan Gable, Olympic Gold Medalist & Wrestling Legend

  Punishment Wrestling Academy 
                 USA Wrestling Chartered Club 
                  TrackWrestling Distinguished Club

John Turner, Director of Wrestling 502-663-1405
Suzy Turner, Owner/Business Manager 502-548-4465

Special Sponsors: (Pink in Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness)
American Legion Post 9, Chandler Chevrolet
BP Fastlane Milton,  Madison Tool & Die

 Wrestling is about commitment and drive, about becoming the best you can possibly be.

Wrestling is about the humility that comes from discovering your limits and the sense of accomplishment that comes from surpassing those limits.

Wrestling is about setting goals, self discipline and delayed gratification.

Wrestling is a Blue-Print for overcoming life's challenges and the learning ground where these principles are tried and proven.

    -Parent's Guide To Youth Wrestling (Official Publication of USA Wrestling)


 Punishment Wrestling Academy is a USA Wrestling chartered club for wrestlers ages 4 & up. PWA strives to guide young wrestlers through the Blue-Print of Wrestling, and provide them the oppurtunity to achieve individual and team success through Motivation, Self Confidence and extreme Technical knowledge.              

 Wrestling is an oppurtunity for our youth to learn:

*Self Reliance               *Work Ethic
*Self Discipline              *Competitve Spirit
*Self Confidence           *Goal Orientation
*Self Respect                *Mental Toughness
*Respect for Others      *Determination
*Responsibility              *Sportsmanship

Wrestling is a sport that allows oppurtunities to improve strength, flexibility and coordination while having fun.


All Team Punishment Coaches are USA Certified. Parent Support is both welcome and appreciated. Sponsors are welcome!

Any funds or donations accrued by this Team or its Organization are used 100% for the betterment of the facility and its members. NO profits or revenue is used in any manner for personal gain by its organizers, owners, coaches or founders. 


Email us at punishmentwrestlingacademy@gmail.com to request more information.

 Team Punishment Staff:

Suzy Turner:    PWA Owner

John Turner:    PWA Director
        Co-Head Coach
        Greco Head Coach

Dustin Bentz:   Co-Head Coach
        Folkstyle Head Coach
Middle School Coach

Eric Cordell: Kentucky Head Coach

Michael Miller: Head Technique Coach

Scott Gross:    Asst. Tech. Coach 
Middle School Coach

Jimmy Long: Travel Asst. Coach

Trenton Dempler: Asst. Greco Coach

Joe Stewart:  Asst.Coach
 Middle School Coach

John Wall: Asst. Coach

Tom Dempler: Asst. Coach

Adam Raker: Asst. Coach



Team Punishment would like to thank all of its many supporters. Your support and encouragement of our youth is amazing and much appreciated. Our Youth are our future, and anything we can do to support them & encourage them is a wonderful investment in the future of our society.

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